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Bridal/Special Event 

Special Event/Pictorial 

  • Hair and Makeup (custom lashes included) $200

  • Hair $80+

  • Makeup (lashes included) $120


Bridal Consultation and Trial 

  • Hair and Makeup (airbrush and optional custom lashes, allow 2-3 hours) $200

  • Makeup only (airbrush and custom lashes, allow 1.5 hrs) $140

  • Hair only (allow 1.5 hrs) $100


Wedding Day Package $250 (for Bride only)

  • Includes hair and makeup consultation and trial

  • Wedding day hair and makeup as planned

  • Touch-up kit for Bride (lipstick, lip liner, and blotting papers)

  • Travel fee of less than 20 miles included; anything over is $50

Bridal Party

  • Hair and Makeup Package (included custom lashes) $175

  • Hair and Makeup Package (including airbrush and optional custom lashes) $190

  • Hair only $80+

  • Makeup only (custom lashes included)$120

  • Makeup only (airbrush and custom lashes) $140


*For all hair appointments, come with hair pre-washed the day before unless otherwise discussed.




All cut services come with wash, treatment, and style

(prices will always vary on amount of hair, doesn't matter if it's male or female)


  • Long Thick haircut $135

  • Medium haircut $100

  • Short haircut $50-$75

  • Child's haircut (0-8) $25+

All color services come with Olaplex, wash, treatment, trim, and style.

(All color services are starting rates. The range is based on the variation of texture, thickness, hair history, and are customized to each person.)

  • Single Process Color  $100

  • Single Process Color and haircut $155

  • Highlight  starts at $255 

  • Balayage/Ombré starts at $255

  • Foiliage (combo of highlights/balayage) starts at $235 

  • Fashion Colors starts at$350

  • Bleach Retouch starts at $255

  • Color Correction (by consultation only)

Hair Styling and more

  • Blow Dry starts at $50

  • Deep Conditioner starting at $60 includes 5-15 min massage (

  • Olaplex $30 with style $70

  • Keratin Treatment starts at$250

  • Extensions (by consultation only)


salon appointments

* Prices are not definitive, it can change depending on individual''s needs.




Everything about hair is important; each clients' hair is different and it should be customized as such. Cut, color, treatment and style are all essential to how each clients' hair is treated.  


Makeup should only accentuate what are natural beauty already posesses. That is the way I believe makeup should be applied. 

bridal/Special events

Special Events and Weddings are custom designed for the client to have a fabulous experience on their special day.

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